To contact Mesquite ISD Food & Nutrition Services, call 972-882-5500. For questions regarding meal benefits or applications, please contact the Meal Processing Office at 972-882-5512.

Meal Prices for 2019-20

Due to federal funding requirements, meal prices have increased by 10 cents over 2018-19 prices. Current prices are as follows:

$1.80 All Student Breakfast
$2.50 Elementary Lunch
$2.80  Middle School Lunch
$2.90 High School Lunch
30¢ Reduced Price Breakfast
40¢ Reduced Price Lunch
$2.30 Breakfast for Visitors, Staff and Non-enrolled Children
$3.80 Lunch for Visitors, Staff and Non-enrolled Children

Free & Reduced-Price Meals

Mesquite ISD provides free and reduced-priced cafeteria meals for students who qualify through the School Breakfast and National School Lunch Programs. Every student must qualify each year.

School Breakfast

Food & Nutrition Services is proud to serve a healthy breakfast at all campuses.

  • All breakfasts are composed of an entrée, one fruit or one juice, and a milk. 
  • In order to be considered a meal, students must choose at least 3 items including a fruit.
  • All entrée items containing grain are 50% whole-grain-rich to provide additional nutrition for growing students.
  • Several campuses participate in Breakfast-In-the-Classroom or On-the-House Breakfast in which all students receive a free breakfast.
  • Several secondary campuses offer a Grab-N-Go breakfast station, in addition to the hot breakfast, in order to better serve the fast-paced lifestyles of our secondary students.
  • Be sure to check out the SchoolCafé app for the most up to date menu at your student’s campus.

Breakfast in the Classroom Campuses

  • Floyd
  • Gray
  • Hanby
  • Henrie
  • Mackey
  • McWhorter

On-the-House Breakfast Campuses

  • West
  • AC New
  • Lawrence
  • McDonald
  • Vanston
  • Wilkinson
  • Florence
  • McKenzie
  • Motley
  • Shands
  • Tosch
  • Galloway
  • Seabourn
  • Range
  • Tisinger

We’re Hiring

If you'd like to join our MISD Food & Nutrition Services team, apply for an open Food & Nutrition position using this online application.

If you have questions about the hiring process or your application status, please contact the Auxiliary Personnel Department at 972-882-7759.

Fill out an application online here

Meal Accounts

Negative Account Balances and Reminder Meals

If a student does not have enough money in his or her account for a meal, The student will be allowed to continue purchasing meals up to $5, and the district will present the parent with a schedule of repayment for any outstanding account balance. 

If the district is unable to work out an agreement with the student’s parent on replenishment of the student’s meal account and payment of any outstanding balance, the student will receive a reminder meal.  The district will make every effort to avoid bringing attention to such a student.

This reminder lunch meal consists of:

  • Cheese sandwich (all grade levels)
  • 1 or 2 vegetables (all grade levels)
  • 1 fruit in elementary & 1 or 2 fruits in middle and high school 
  • Choice of milk for all grades ISS – (not eating in the cafeteria) cheese sandwich and choice of milk 

The reminder breakfast meal consists of toast and milk.

Unpaid Meal Charges

All unpaid meal charges should be paid by the end of each school year. Unpaid meal charges can be reconciled in single or multiple payments until the account is no longer in a negative balance.

Manage Your Low or Negative Balance Notifications

Mesquite ISD notifies families about students’ negative meal account balances through its automated notification system. Families may select who should receive these alerts and whether they are contacted by phone, text or email. To modify your preferences for these notifications, log in to Skyward Family Access.

Menus, Payments & More

Mesquite ISD menus can be found on the School Café website ( or on the SchoolCafé app. This tool contains our menus as well as a complete nutrition and allergy breakdown of each item we serve by school. The SchoolCafé app is also available to download to your phone for iPhone and Android. Just search for SchoolCafé in the App Store or Google Play. Take moment to check out all the great features this app contains – including applying for Free & Reduced Benefits right from your phone. 

OnlineThrough School Cafe, you can make payments, view purchase history, and receive low balance alerts. For convenience, setup automatic payments to replenish funds in your student's cafeteria accounts.

Click here to go to the School Cafe website.


Special Diets

The Food and Nutrition Services Department will make accommodations for a child with a disability or life-threatening food allergy based on the diet prescribed by the child’s physician. A complete Physician’s Diet Modification form must be on file with the school nurse before accommodations can be made. The form can be downloaded below or obtained from the school nurse. 

For those with non-severe allergies or other intolerances, please refer to School Café. This tool has allergy information as well as nutrition information for all menu items served. 

Removing Special Diet Notifications

If a student no longer requires dietary modification and would like to eat all foods with no restrictions, their parent must have a doctor fill out a new Diet Modification Request form stating that the student is no longer allergic or no longer needs dietary modifications. After this new form is complete, the parent, doctor’s office, or other medical care center should then turn the form in to the school nurse who will pass it to the foodservice manager. The foodservice manager will then scan a copy to the district dietitian and the flag on the student’s account will be removed. 

Students Without a Qualifying Condition

Why Does Food and Nutrition Services not Accommodate for Those Students Without a Qualifying Condition? 

Mesquite ISD Food and Nutrition Services remains committed to doing our part to ensure a safe eating environment for all students. Students with any condition mentioned above will be diligently accommodated for. Because of the variation in severity of allergies and intolerances, one menu does not fit every student. We implore parents to work with their students to teach them how to select foods that agree with them. To assist in this effort, the Food and Nutrition Services has created a website and app containing allergy and nutrition information for all foods served. This can be accessed by visiting School Café. Allergens can also be accessed through district dietitian.

Diet Modification Forms

Special Diet Modification Parent Letter & Form 
Diet Contact Form 

Modificación de dieta especial carta y formulario para padres
Dieta formulario de contacto