School Basics

About West Mesquite

West Mesquite High School is a secondary school in Mesquite, Texas, United States. The school serves the western portion of Mesquite and most of the MISD portion of Balch Springs.  

The school, which serves grades 9 through 12, is a part of the Mesquite Independent School District. West Mesquite opened as a middle school in 1976, housing 7th, 8th, and 9th grades. The first graduating class received diplomas in 1984!

The school is located near the Mesquite Championship Rodeo at the Mesquite Arena, and was actually built on land once owned by the Rodeo. There was once a pond that horses drank from. If it were there today, it would cover the water fountain, and much of the north end of the Memorial Stadium.

Also located near campus is the the Mesquite Tower which broadcasts the school district's own radio station, KEOM.

Alma Mater

In the spirit of #WranglerPride, on Monday's we sing our Alma Mater!
To the orange and white of West Mesquite we pledge our loyalty.
In times of joy as well as strife we'll ever stand by thee.
Home of Wrangler honor and pride in our hearts you will abide.
It’s the spirit of W-M-H-S of West Mesquite so true.

School Motto

Home of Honor and Pride

School Colors

Burnt Orange and White

School Fight Song

In the spirit of #WranglerPride, on Friday's we sing our Fight Song!

Hail orange and white the mighty Wranglers will win the fight!
Number one in spirit and one in unity victory is our cry!
Hail orange and white we will forever proudly fight for you!
We will fight for the right to be winners tonight!
West Mesquite, we’re loyal and true!

School Mascot

The Wrangler